Are You Ready To Have A True Change Happen?

H.A.T.C.H is the signature course of The Incubator!

Many lives have been transformed through this amazing and transformational course! You can expect to:

·     Get ready to DISCOVER who you are not DECIDE!

·     Go from surviving to thriving! It’s time to L.I.V.E!

·     Get ready to feel like you are on vacation everyday!

·     Get ready to love the life that you are living!

·     Get ready to understand who you were created to be!

·     Get ready to live life in a more meaningful way!

  • Get ready to implement your L.I.F.E plan!

Don't decide who you are, discover it! Let Dr. K walk you through the steps to understanding your purpose.

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Where do I begin? Prior to taking Dr. K's H.A.T.C.H. course I often asked God, what is my purpose? Why am I here? Am I doing what you have created me to do? Well, I got the answers to those questions and much more taking H.A.T.C.H. This course was an eye-opener and showed me who I am in God. Dr. K constantly encourages you throughout the course and will stretch and push you beyond your limits - it's about growing and thriving! If you feel lost, are trying to "find yourself", want clarity about your purpose in life, need someone to hold you accountable, or just want to change, then I highly recommend taking Dr. K's Incubator course, H.A.T.C.H. You owe it to yourself to be the best you! Now, go H.A.T.C.H.

Denise, Maryland

Initially I was a little skeptical about taking the class, however my wife was excited therefore I decided to give it a try. Happy wife happy life! I'm extremely glad that I took the class. It was like a spiritual awakening within me. It reinforced what i had strayed away from in my life. It made me regain my focus, and reconnect my personal relationship with GOD. One of the most important concepts I gained from the class is FEAR. Fear is just a lack of information and the right information will make you eat fear for lunch. Thank you, and GOD bless you Dr. K

Robert, North Carolina

Taking the class was like a breath of fresh air. From week 1 you were activated to take responsibility for your life, being guided step by step, and knowing the benefits and the consequences. When I came on the course I knew what my purpose was, however learning the stage what I am in now, has enabled me to be far more settled and it has alleviated so many of my questions. I can now stay in the present which is so peaceful. My calling is unique to me and I understand the level and depth at which God is dealing with me now. I cannot wait to see his manifested will in my life - it is imminent.  Blessings to you over and over again

Sarah, England, The UK